BD Provisions: Gourmet Bulk Food Shopping That’s Really “Out Of The Box”- Jessica Ryan For CT Bites

Bulk shopping isn’t exactly a new concept – we’ve been filling the trunks of our cars and SUVs with oversized products from those mammoth box stores for years. But bulk shopping that’s zero waste is something we don’t often see. BD Provisions, in Newtown, takes this familiar concept and gives it a breath of fresh air with a new, environmentally friendly spin.

Less is more, especially here. Less waste means more product which means greater savings and more fun, but you really need to head over to experience it yourself.

At BD Provisions you’ll find 270 carefully curated products sold by the pound in massive sustainable containers.Products range from dehydrated and powdered superfoods. You won’t want to pass by the creative, flavored rice, quinoa and soup blends that will enhance any weeknight dinner. Of course there are plenty of healthy snack options from the most beautifully colored wasabi coated soybeans, beautiful and delicious dried, crunchy beets, spicy chick peas, a wide selection of nuts both raw and flavored. Gorgeous beans and pastas. Beautiful aromatic spices, a generous selection of the most beautiful tea blends.

Creative vinegars and olive oils, maple syrup from Litchfield and honey from Weston’s Red Bee are available in bulk, as are shampoos, body lotions and essential oils. And yes, of course there’s something for Fido too!

For those with a sweet tooth, you’ll find plenty for your sea-salt-vanilla-chocolate-coffee-espresso-nut-peanut cravings. Perhaps you’re more of a gummi lover? Yes, there are plenty of those too.

How does it all work? You can bring in your own canning jars, or buy some from them that can be exchanged for ones that have been cleaned and sanitized. Or you can use the biodegradable plastic or paper bags provided. Grab a pen and some twist ties and when your bags are filled, mark them with the numbers marked on the bins. This makes checkout a breeze.

Shopping here is an experience and you are encouraged to try before you buy. So ask to have that sample before you fill your bags with goodies; sample as many as you’d like. May I steer you toward the warm, freshly made, honey roasted peanut better? How about the chocolate honey roasted peanut butter? No really, these are a must to try!

I can’t write about BD Provisions without mentioning their coffee beans. Hand selected from coffee farms world-wide, they source only the very best, fair-trade beans from Peru, Guatemala, India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Sumatra. A great deal of effort was made to find those grown in different climates and soils, harvested and dried in different. With a coffee roaster on premise, in a matter of 20 minutes or so you can have freshly roasted medium or dark beans.

You can take their beans home whole, or have them ground to the consistency of your choice at the store’s grinding station. Their signature roast, Midnight Joe, is a blend of three dark roasted and named after the uncle of Co-Founder, John Boccuzzi. As with everything else they sell, there’s plenty of coffee to sample too. Can’t make it into the shop? Their coffee can be purchased online.

Do yourselves a favor and take the drive to Newtown and support this great venture.

BD Provisions
125 South Main Street Newtown, CT 06470