BD Provisions is all about...

Quality | we source exclusively from the most reputable suppliers and have tasted hundreds of products to select only the very best products to present to our customers.

Freshness | From our coffee beans that are roasted on-site to our nut grinders that let you grind your own nut butters on demand, we are committed to providing the freshest products to the discerning palates of our customers.

Low Waste Solutions | when it comes to reducing waste and our impact on the planet, nobody is 100% perfect- including us. We offer zero or low waste alternatives to our customers because we believe that collectively, small steps can lead to big changes.

Balance | we believe life is all about balance. We offer abundant healthy and all-natural options for everyday consumption, but we also believe everyone needs and deserves the occasional indulgence.

Mindful Pricing | At BD Provisions, our customer is in charge of the final price. Our bulk is brandless and packageless so you’re not paying for anything other than the food. Our pay by the pound approach for our bulk selections means that you pay only for what you need and leave the rest for your friends and neighbors.and finally…

Surprise and Delighting Our Customers| with constant rotation of in and out items, shopping at BD Provisions is like a treasure hunt. You’ll never know what new taste discovery awaits you when you walk through our doors!


Nourishing the Community and the environment one scoop at a time